Global Peace


Humans are constantly exploring new horizons which in turn raise the bar for new ideas to conquer the next step in exploration. One can explore many areas such as Global Peace. In today’s world when there is fast technology, resources available just on a click of a button, people are running helter skelter in search of peace. name a few great leaders like Sri Ravi Shankar , Sadh guru have left their careers at pinnacle and have joined mission to find peace within themselves.
If peace prevails there will be no wars , disputes, hunger. So our mission as young entrepreneurs of Enterprise House is to curb violence and work together in harmony, dispelling ill feelings, hatred amongst ourselves.
Let’s spread the message of peace because if one has found solace in life one would not run after material things. If we start this mission from ourselves , it will spread to society, then nation and countries. Together let us help each other in bringing peace to the world globally and be the missionaries of global peace.

Global peace will have positive outcomes such as improved international relations, increased economic growth, reduced crime, terrorism, and armed conflict and reduced societal stress.

House teachers (classes 4-6)
Ms. Asha Pritwani
Ms. Kanchan Chamola
Ms. Sarika Dutta
Ms. Nidhi Arya
Ms. Alka Pandey
Ms. Neeru Lal


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