No denying the fact that the forest cover of the whole world has drastically depleted over a period of time owing to the human needs and activities. One contributing factor towards this is the paper industry.
I’m putting forward some of the facts regarding paper:
Worldwide more than 300 million metric tons of paper and paperboard is produced every year.
Of the total global wood harvest for industrial use. 42 per cent goes into paper making and it is expected to reach 50 per cent in the next fifty years.
In our country we have about 600 paper mills producing different varieties of paper.
On an average each one of us uses 700 pounds of paper products every year.
For the production of paper special kind of tree plantations are made called as the managed timberlands.

The trend has no doubt already been started but still the speed and spread is very slow. Some of the steps that can be followed in this direction can be as follows:
1. All of us must opt for the e-bills rather than the printed statements for our telephones, mobile phones, electricity and water bills etc, most of the private companies have already started this and the others should follow the same. The quality of the paper, which is used to make these bills, imposes great environmental pollution.
2. Same thing can be followed for other documents like the bank statements, credit card statements etc.
3. Only the legal documents should be used in the printed form and all other forms of transactions of information should be carried out through Internet.
4. Within an organisation, passing on the information through email (eg outlook mail express) should be followed rather than circulating printed notices every time.
5. Communication of all types should be preferably done through e-mails.
6. Educational institutions and other such set ups, which need to have the process of registration etc should start online registration and admissions rather than the conventional 10 page (sometimes even more) admission form in printed version. Even the prospectus and the guidelines manuals should be made available on the Internet for the use of the candidates.
7. The mode of examination should also be changed as far as possible. The entrance exams and other qualifying tests should be compulsorily be made online.

It takes only a second to waste a beautiful sheet of paper but decades for a tree to grow


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