THE humble khajur is full of essential nutrients which our body needs for various functions. It can be consumed in various forms – date chutney or sauce, part of a sweet dish, dried, fresh, seeded, seedless, etc. Not only do they taste so good, they also have the following health benefits.
Maintains sugar levels: Want to satisfy your sugar craving? Instead of gorging on candies coated with sugar, have a few pieces of dates or sweets made out of it to beat your sugar craving in a healthy way. They are a good substitute for white sugar as they are free of sodium, cholesterol and fats. But remember, their calorific value is higher than other fruits so too much can lead to weight gain. (Read:Healthy date and walnut sweetmeat
Aids digestion: These little nuggets are rich in fibre which means they are good for our digestive system and bowel movements. It also means, they prevent the build-up of LDL cholesterol which can put your heart health at risk by increasing your chances of getting hypertension, stroke, heart disease, etc. 
Prevents anaemia: Iron is an essential nutrient required by our body to prevent anaemia. It helps our red blood cells carry oxygen better to various body parts which help in their better functioning. Lack of iron can leave you feeling fatigued even after doing the smallest of tasks. Eating khajur can beat this deficiency. (Read: There’s more to anaemia than just iron deficiency!)


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